As busy as a bee


I haven’t got up at 7 o’clock for long. At this special moment in this morning, I had to force myself to leave my comfortable bed earlier. However, even if this was the end of the world, I wouldn’t give up my breakfast. I made it as simple as I like, toasts with strawberry jam.

Having explored the area of South Quay, I finally found the studio I was supposed to be by 5 minutes earlier. London underground system could be convenient and slow in the same time.

I had never visited this strange little island, bleak and chilly could be used to describe here. Usually I like to use google map immediately to navigate myself and my destination. After that, I couldn’t help thinking what if I can’t afford a smart phone, would I be more sensitive to directions and appear to be more mature and smart. I probably need to practice my thinking skills….

After ‘moving like a jaguar’ for three hours, I set about to move to the next place — UCL.

There was a second rehearsal for the film festival needed to attend.

However, something strange happened. The jubilee line I took stopped at one station for 15minutes, I could only see some policemen negotiating and persuading a thiefish bald man who sat in the long chair yelling and sobbing. But finally he was under arrest, then my train began to work. What a different way to kill my time !

It also got me thinking, what was going on there. Was that poor man really a criminal ? …

I needed to be quick, otherwise I would lost my image of being a decent and punctual man.



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