Enjoy the evensong and have free access to St Paul’s Cathedral



Wondering in the city of London, visitors cannot seem to avoid seeing the most notable feature of St Paul’s Cathedral — the dome. The majestic delicate spire has dominated this piece of sky for many years, and the cross at its summit definitely looks sacred.

When the gold spire shines, I suppose many would image how the interior is like. I actually got interested in the inner image.

One tip from a local gentle man: you can possibly,for free, enter a church or cathedral in the afternoon (when it is not available for common visitors) if you wish to listen to Evensong.

Internally, St Paul’s Cathedral has a large spaced nave and choir. The walls are decorated in Baroque way, generally white and partially gold.

Candles were lightened to drive away darkness.

Choral evensong wafted across the building.

I was impressed by the sense of awe and a solemn atmosphere.

I had very good time sitting in the stalls listening to the choir. The evensongs were beautiful and vibrant, which made me feel calm and peaceful. Even though I fell asleep for 15 minutes, I didn’t think it is boring at all. Here, I felt sort of relaxed.

When eventually looking at the interior of the dome, I saw classic religious paintings telling a story somehow. If only I could understand more with more Bible knowledge!

What is more, as Wikipedia says :”The interior of the dome showing how Thornhill’s painting continues an illusion of the real architectural features.”  Nowadays, I definitely rely on the Internet when I need to further.


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