Night traveling, maybe mentally


Just left a grocery, one came up to me asking for 40p, I gave him 1 quid.

He said he was starving, I meant to offer toasts I had just bought.

He refused to take but begged one more pound, I said no firmly.

He turned away immediately, I felt bad honestly.

I had sympathy for him, but apparently he was just greedy and cheating on me.

It was over within 30 seconds.

IMG_3444Suddenly I couldn’t make a conclusion. It occured to me that the world is too complex to be accounted for. Although he sort of cheated, the fact was that he was being homeless. I didn’t act a bit more generous. Was I more wired reluctant to give just one more coin in that case?

That is why sometimes I don’t think I know myself thoroughly. In this situation, I really need figure out what I am, what I need, what I want,and what matters to me.

By the time when I have the answer, I would probably be qualified to think how to understand the world.

At this moment, I suggest ‘One wants to truly understand the reality, he needs to travel and meet people. Talk to people of all ranks, regardless of philistines on the street, nobles in the palace, thieves behind the bar, celebrities on the stage, tramps at the corner, even prostitutes and pimps. Jus do not panic if you go beyond the definite boundary of your group. The bigger mind you have, the wider view you gain. Eventually the further you will reach.’


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