Regularly visiting museums


London has always had a great deal of events, and surely it will always have too. This could be a good reason staying in London, so as to broaden my limited horizon and regularly gain a profound insight on things.

Fashion is a fashionable topic here and also has become an increasingly significant industry across the globe, contributing to the making of a modern economy. It would be interesting for me to know how a well-known brand develop, taking Paul Smith for example and taking a tour in London Design Museum.

“Shaped by the imagination of the designer and the skills of the maker, fashion is a creative art and craft that reflects on the nature the body and on individual identity. A constantly fluctuating language, it can also define a section of society or group.”  These words on a wall dragged me into a room of fashion, although I am not a big fan.


“Paul Smith” is famous for its witty style, something the designer describes as “classic with a twist”.  Rainbow pinstripe is the most recognizable icon. From shirts to suits lined with vintage fabrics, this brand really offers stylish products with good quality.IMG_9385



Inspired by his wife Pauline, he launched his business in Nottingham with a tiny clothing warehouse, a 12ft x 12ft store. To everyone’s surprise including himself, however, he would have such an achievement. Paul Smith suggested, he just wanted a shop and never thought it would expand into an international brand. He still remains his modest attitude to introduce himself through the exhibition  “Hello My Name Is Paul Smith”, even if he has got knighthood. “I just could never imagine being called Sir Paul. It’s so weird.”


Step into “The Collaboration Room”, I suddenly realized that Paul Smith is cooperating with a wide range of brands. From the first collaboration with car manufacture, Rover, then cameras, rugs, motorbikes, bicycles to snowboards, Paul Smith has labeled many more than products than I imagined.

What unities the many projects Paul Smith takes on is the common touch. Collaborations with artists can be seen here and there within fashion industry, but he would rather partner with less elitist companies. Apparently he is combining pop culture and sporty interests with his brand by this way, expressing “It is just fashion and it is fun”.

IMG_9466As the description says from Smith”My style often drawn on very British traditions and motifs. Past collections have referenced, for example the British postage stamp, British poets, artists and eccentrics and much much more.”  I found his inspiration is from everywhere, the valuable point is that he applies well.


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