Nicely explored Design Museum



After eating much in Borough Market, we felt full of energy to discover London Design Museum.

It is said that London is the capital city of creativity, but I couldn’t seem to see the point when I first arrived here. English people are notorious for their bad cooking skills, many of themselves even definite that they only steal cuisines from other countries, which is evidenced by rare English restaurants seen on the street. Fish and chips? Please don’t mention this so-called national dish. It is worse than USA fast food, personally speaking.

Instead, we see many Italian, Chinese, Thai or Japanese Restaurants. Creative? Not at all. I thought this nation might rest on its laurels.

However, after living in London for several month, I began to deny my stupid original thought. Many creative ideas underlie those surfaces.

Looking at the showcases all over the Oxford Circus, you would notice that graphic designs have been entirely replaced by stereo feelings. Taking a little walk in the Leister Square, performance artists would amaze you by standing still for hours. Even take a casual look at the university posters, you would be impressed by all abstract ideas and inspirations. To name but a few, you just pay a bit more attention so that you see more than you saw.

Therefore, when a friends of mine invited me to visit London Design Museum, I definitely answered why not. I betted I would not regret to pay an entrance 10 quid.

There in the museum, thousands of ideas are displayed and explained. Not only the landmark ideas of England are displayed, but also the latest practical materials are shown.

Although the traditional industries apparently has began to sink into a decline, the creativity industry are thriving. English are not always conservative like people said, by contrast they have picked up their old arrogance and have been waiting take a leap of faith.

A great entrepreneur, Matsushita Konosuke,  once said, Creativity will probably dominate the world instead of physical power, in the near future.


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