For a city that has so many famous parks in urban area, such as Regent’s Park and Hyde Park, Richmond is one of those parks which you shouldn’t ignore when planning a trip in London. Sitting in the end of district line, it is not a place that people doesn’t live there will visit often. However since there are several famous actors like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp who bought luxurious house in the neighbor, Richmond is no doubt a wonderful place to live.

Apart from the fact that Richmond has a great community attracting famous people to move in here, Richmond Park is a great park of this lovely place.

Once you walk into the park, there should be some unusual animals lying on grasses enjoying sunbath around. They are the iconic deer that makes this park so unique in London. I have been there several times and every time me and my friend can be amazed by these interesting animals. Also in the pen lake, swans could have a big open space to swim and fly. With these animals you could definitely relax yourself and enjoy the openness and fresh air. So, next time when you do feel depressed in the city, just jump on a district line train and take a short trip to Richmond and visit this fabulous park.



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