Leave the last minute alone, stop procrastinating


Image1.Create personal habits as soon as possible.

2.Break work down and create a specific deadline for each part.

3.Change your environment. If you feel sick of your desk and room when starting working, go to library.

4.Talk to people who would be inclined to inspire you to take action.

5.Get a friend. Feeling with someone as your companion in the process is more fun.

6. Tell your people your goals. You may get pressure, but motivation as well.

7.Ask for advice and save your time. You are not always the first one doing that work, you should know how others manage it.

8.Look back to your goals now and then, never off track.

9.Remind yourself not making things too complicated. The point is that you know things well, you express them easily.

10.Tick, tick and tick then you will recall NIKE — Just do it. Exactly nothing is going to happen without actions taken.


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