Got lost and Mind the gap London underground


Some places I would probably never go unless I get lost by chance. But, don’t panic if it happens, by all means take advantage of the view along the way to please myself.

I tried to please myself as possible as I can because today I feel really gloomy. So that I missed the station for change when I was in a daze.


For once I passed Embankment Station, I heard a different voice saying ‘Mind your gap.’ Suddenly it occured to me that a moved love story happened at this place.

An elegant lady used to sit in the same seat at Embankment station, but she never got on the train. One member of the TfL staff kept seeing her doing the same weird thing for a few years, but he never figured out the real reason.

Until that day Transport for London changed the system of announcement, which means the voice of ‘Mind your gap’ was no longer the same.

She finally come over to a TfL staff member and said ‘Mind the gap’, which was utterly confusing for him. ‘May I help you?’ He could only say that.

‘Forty years ago, my husband and I met in this station, we fell in love, we dated, we had a child… He had a wonderful voice….’

Eventually the kind Staff member had a clue ‘It was your husband voice? Mind your gap?’

Yes, she exactly came here for the voice. She was there to commemorate her dead husband. However, it was phased out on that day.

Since that day they spoke, he hadn’t seen this woman return to this station. No doubt, she had no reason to come back.

‘Time always has a way making things slip away, until there is nothing left.’

As days gone by, when the woman came to this place again, she heard a man’s voice. She was too delighted to believe that was her husband’s voice. What is more, she got a record of the special voice.

‘Are you leaving for somewhere now?’

‘Yes. I can go on from here now. I have my memories.’


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