A quick return to Kent made me sentimental



Picking a day or two leaving hassles behind to go back to the place where I used to stay is a great thing. Last weekend I had a good time in Canterbury, an adorable city located in Kent.

It is a flourishing tourism city with loads of tourists coming and going everyday, especially famous for the Canterbury Cathedral. This Anglian cathedral appeals to thousands of pilgrims.

I never expect too much of the English weather. It was during gloomy morning that a local friend, Keith, drove me towards Elmsted. During the straightforward long slope, we could hardly ignore the very British style of hedgerows those grow side the road and beautifully create the unique look of the Kentish countryside. “I have never seen such a long range of hedges anywhere else. Keith, do you know why is that?”

Thanks to my good friend, the answer came out soon. In a functional way, hedges have been used as field boundaries for marking ownership since Roman times (about 2,000 years), for keeping livestock in or out of fields as well. However, they are less valid for this reason and only play a traditional part of the UK landscape.

Hedge trees are fairly high but not high enough to prevent lush fields and trees from my view. The view outside of the car window was definitely picturesque. It seemed to be a nicely decorated toy that I longed to seize. I couldn’t but enjoy the cozy moment in car with a gentle breeze through the little window gap.

At the same time, I saw a number of spires. They were oast houses, sort of icons of Kent, which are used to store and dry hops. They stand in the fields with many plants surrounded them. Another distinctive thing in Kent are the houses with white boards. I noticed there were a lot here and there with quaint farmhouses.

It was nice to see an undulating view of fields, but the thick fog blurred my eyes so that I couldn’t see any valley. I could only image the pastoral picture of bright sunlight and clean sky. However, a fantastic tea-time followed in Keith’s house made up for that loss. I was warmed up by a cup of black tea immediately, and two scones with butter and jam tasted really great.

Looking at the drizzling scenery in a quintessential English house made my mind wonder in Kent, memorizing the old days.



As busy as a bee


I haven’t got up at 7 o’clock for long. At this special moment in this morning, I had to force myself to leave my comfortable bed earlier. However, even if this was the end of the world, I wouldn’t give up my breakfast. I made it as simple as I like, toasts with strawberry jam.

Having explored the area of South Quay, I finally found the studio I was supposed to be by 5 minutes earlier. London underground system could be convenient and slow in the same time.

I had never visited this strange little island, bleak and chilly could be used to describe here. Usually I like to use google map immediately to navigate myself and my destination. After that, I couldn’t help thinking what if I can’t afford a smart phone, would I be more sensitive to directions and appear to be more mature and smart. I probably need to practice my thinking skills….

After ‘moving like a jaguar’ for three hours, I set about to move to the next place — UCL.

There was a second rehearsal for the film festival needed to attend.

However, something strange happened. The jubilee line I took stopped at one station for 15minutes, I could only see some policemen negotiating and persuading a thiefish bald man who sat in the long chair yelling and sobbing. But finally he was under arrest, then my train began to work. What a different way to kill my time !

It also got me thinking, what was going on there. Was that poor man really a criminal ? …

I needed to be quick, otherwise I would lost my image of being a decent and punctual man.


Trips to Canary Wharf


Canary Wharf is an amazing place which made me feel lost for the first two times I have been there.

Honestly I have never been there during the daytime, I am just much more inclined to visit there at night. There night scene is breathtaking, which as if takes me to Hong Kong.

High buildings and large mansions shine like diamonds, especially during the darkest nights. Take a look at the great

shining titles, J.P. Morgon, HSBC, Citi, Barclays and so forth, a lot of big corporations pull together this wonderful land.

Riverside at night seems appealing as the reflection of bright buildings in the water is so dazzling. Don’t stare at the shining lambs, I am a bit worried if I would feel dizzy.



Traveling takes time and energy, not to mention money. Stepping into a well decorated Italian Restaurant meant my pocket would be thinner soon.  But, if the food served is worthy tasting, let me forget about money for a second.

”Time is an important ingredient for Italian food.” What nice words!

It was the best sentence I had ever seen in a menu. To judge it is true or just a deceptive excuse, I would have to take a chance.

It really took us ages,  25 minutes by and large. However, after smelling the flavor of beautiful cheese and the first bite of my Spaghetti, I was determined I was not going to regret. It was so tasty that I probably would come here again in the near future, to have another try of its chicken or beef etc.

Enjoy the evensong and have free access to St Paul’s Cathedral



Wondering in the city of London, visitors cannot seem to avoid seeing the most notable feature of St Paul’s Cathedral — the dome. The majestic delicate spire has dominated this piece of sky for many years, and the cross at its summit definitely looks sacred.

When the gold spire shines, I suppose many would image how the interior is like. I actually got interested in the inner image.

One tip from a local gentle man: you can possibly,for free, enter a church or cathedral in the afternoon (when it is not available for common visitors) if you wish to listen to Evensong.

Internally, St Paul’s Cathedral has a large spaced nave and choir. The walls are decorated in Baroque way, generally white and partially gold.

Candles were lightened to drive away darkness.

Choral evensong wafted across the building.

I was impressed by the sense of awe and a solemn atmosphere.

I had very good time sitting in the stalls listening to the choir. The evensongs were beautiful and vibrant, which made me feel calm and peaceful. Even though I fell asleep for 15 minutes, I didn’t think it is boring at all. Here, I felt sort of relaxed.

When eventually looking at the interior of the dome, I saw classic religious paintings telling a story somehow. If only I could understand more with more Bible knowledge!

What is more, as Wikipedia says :”The interior of the dome showing how Thornhill’s painting continues an illusion of the real architectural features.”  Nowadays, I definitely rely on the Internet when I need to further.

Night traveling, maybe mentally


Just left a grocery, one came up to me asking for 40p, I gave him 1 quid.

He said he was starving, I meant to offer toasts I had just bought.

He refused to take but begged one more pound, I said no firmly.

He turned away immediately, I felt bad honestly.

I had sympathy for him, but apparently he was just greedy and cheating on me.

It was over within 30 seconds.

IMG_3444Suddenly I couldn’t make a conclusion. It occured to me that the world is too complex to be accounted for. Although he sort of cheated, the fact was that he was being homeless. I didn’t act a bit more generous. Was I more wired reluctant to give just one more coin in that case?

That is why sometimes I don’t think I know myself thoroughly. In this situation, I really need figure out what I am, what I need, what I want,and what matters to me.

By the time when I have the answer, I would probably be qualified to think how to understand the world.

At this moment, I suggest ‘One wants to truly understand the reality, he needs to travel and meet people. Talk to people of all ranks, regardless of philistines on the street, nobles in the palace, thieves behind the bar, celebrities on the stage, tramps at the corner, even prostitutes and pimps. Jus do not panic if you go beyond the definite boundary of your group. The bigger mind you have, the wider view you gain. Eventually the further you will reach.’

Regularly visiting museums


London has always had a great deal of events, and surely it will always have too. This could be a good reason staying in London, so as to broaden my limited horizon and regularly gain a profound insight on things.

Fashion is a fashionable topic here and also has become an increasingly significant industry across the globe, contributing to the making of a modern economy. It would be interesting for me to know how a well-known brand develop, taking Paul Smith for example and taking a tour in London Design Museum.

“Shaped by the imagination of the designer and the skills of the maker, fashion is a creative art and craft that reflects on the nature the body and on individual identity. A constantly fluctuating language, it can also define a section of society or group.”  These words on a wall dragged me into a room of fashion, although I am not a big fan.


“Paul Smith” is famous for its witty style, something the designer describes as “classic with a twist”.  Rainbow pinstripe is the most recognizable icon. From shirts to suits lined with vintage fabrics, this brand really offers stylish products with good quality.IMG_9385



Inspired by his wife Pauline, he launched his business in Nottingham with a tiny clothing warehouse, a 12ft x 12ft store. To everyone’s surprise including himself, however, he would have such an achievement. Paul Smith suggested, he just wanted a shop and never thought it would expand into an international brand. He still remains his modest attitude to introduce himself through the exhibition  “Hello My Name Is Paul Smith”, even if he has got knighthood. “I just could never imagine being called Sir Paul. It’s so weird.”


Step into “The Collaboration Room”, I suddenly realized that Paul Smith is cooperating with a wide range of brands. From the first collaboration with car manufacture, Rover, then cameras, rugs, motorbikes, bicycles to snowboards, Paul Smith has labeled many more than products than I imagined.

What unities the many projects Paul Smith takes on is the common touch. Collaborations with artists can be seen here and there within fashion industry, but he would rather partner with less elitist companies. Apparently he is combining pop culture and sporty interests with his brand by this way, expressing “It is just fashion and it is fun”.

IMG_9466As the description says from Smith”My style often drawn on very British traditions and motifs. Past collections have referenced, for example the British postage stamp, British poets, artists and eccentrics and much much more.”  I found his inspiration is from everywhere, the valuable point is that he applies well.

My experience to work out a website


When a great idea is generated, the next step is to activate it in practice. You could make it true by your own if possible, but if not, you really need team-work.

Fortunately we got a team, although at random, with everybody longing to contribute. Our team had done a lot before we realized that we wasted much time on the wrong path. Completely crossing the redundancy seemed to be the wisest thing, and we did.

Once everything is done before presentation, the most considerable thing is to rehearse. A good tip for the presenter would be “Take the stage, enjoy the noise even the silence around.” The presenter is the exact person who is able to express our ideas perfectly and trusted by teammates. This time we really relied on Sharon.

I bet we’ve learned a lot through this practice, such as  using technical terms to persuade website buyers and an action to introduce a team well.